Friday, April 25, 2008

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Recently Wealthy Affiliate upgraded to version@ 3 from its earlier version 2.0.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Is Wealthy Affiliate for real? Does Wealthy Affiliate work for beginners, intermediates and experts?

Here you will learn about the Wealthy Affiliate features and the benefits of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member.


Wealthy Affiliate Features

Upon joining Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to 8 week lesson plan. These lesson plans are relevant to beginners, intermediates as well as advanced Internet Marketers.


Wealthy Affiliate Weekly Lesson Plans









Free Website Builder and Free Webhosting

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members a very easy user-friendly website builder Rubix.

Not only can you build free websites you also get free webhosting services. Using Rubix, you can start building websites within a matter of few minutes and in fact you can have multiple websites free of cost.

The best part about building websites using Rubix is that you require No HTML knowledge or experience. The Site Rubix is a very intuitive tool and for the most part it is a simple drag and drop tool.

Apart from free websites, you can also take advantage of free turnkey websites offered at Wealthy Affiliate.


Research Center has excellent tools to conduct keyword research, explore the best products in Clickbank, analyze the competition and optimize your PPC Campaigns. Research Center have the following tools.

a) Google Match Types
b) Keyword Phrase Builder
c) Competition Spy Tool
d) Keyword Research Tool
e) Keyword Generator
f) Clickbank Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Forum

The best feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Wealthy Affiliate Forum . The members are a closely knit community and very helpful.

In fact, Kyle and Carson, the founders of WA encourage you to ask questions directly to them for guidance.

The forums are by themselves a rich source of free knowledge to be taken advantage of. You will find answers right from the FAQ of the new members to the most challenging questions of the Pros.

Other Wealthy Affiliate Features

Other features of Wealthy Affiliate include WA Space along the lines of MySpace that allows you to add your profiles, find buddies and create blogs.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers an incentive program to encourage their members to set high goals.

Wealthy Affiliate is the first online university that teaches Internet Marketing from the basics to advanced levels.It is not a 'Get Rich program' or a scam.

You cannot become an overnight millionaire with this program. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with an excellent support system, quality content and great tools and techniques that give you every chance to succeed in Internet Marketing.

Remember the adage, you can take the horse to the pool, but you cannot make it drink? At the end of the day, even the best system in place will be of no use if you are not willing to take action.



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